Energy Reduction

Aus Chill is the only authorized installer of 5-Plus energy saving valves for the HVAC-R industry in Western Australia. We have also undertaken training in the use of Hydrocarbon refrigerants by ENGAS. We use ENGAS hydrocarbon refrigerants to reduce the running cost of air conditioning and refrigeration systems and also to reduce the quantity of CFC refrigerants used in our industry in turn helping the environment.
Common CFC refrigerants used in most air conditioning and refrigeration equipment are ozone depleting gases if let out into the atmosphere. They are also made up of a variety of nasty harmful gases.
Hydrocarbon refrigerants are 100% natural and if let out into the atmosphere are completely harmless to the ozone.
Along with their environmental benefits they also allow air conditioning and refrigeration system to run at a lower head pressure allowing the compressors to not have to work as hard to achieve the end result of cooling your product or air. Hydrocarbon gases also improve oil return to the compressors and are also more efficient at transferring heat the conventional CFC refrigerant.

If you’re interested in reducing the running cost of your air conditioning or refrigeration equipment please contact us to find out more.

Aus Chill Technical Services in conjunction with our partner company Energy Solutions WA are able to offer a range of energy saving products and solutions to reduce your businesses overall energy consumption. With a vast knowledge in all products available in the energy reduction market we can tailor package a range of products to reduce the electrical running cost of your business by 20%.
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